Accelerating Monte Carlo Renderers by Ray Histogram Fusion
Please cite the reference article if you publish results obtained with this online demo.

Due to file size constraints, this is a closed demo (the user is not allowed to upload new data). Nevertheless, we encourage the user to compile the code and test it on new data.

Select Data

Click on an image to use it as the algorithm input.

Cornell-path 256spp
Dragons 16spp
Sibenik 128spp
Yeahright 64spp
San-Miguel 256spp
DoF-Dragons 8spp
Dragons-Motion 8spp
Toasters 8spp
Toasters 16spp
Toasters 32spp
Toasters 64spp
Toasters 128spp
Toasters 256spp
Toasters 512spp
Toasters 1024spp

For left to right and up to bottom: